The animation posters are a perfect way to gain a proper perspective on subjects within Korean history annals. It is simply not enough for some projects to claim full appreciation when the history or background has not been fully understood. It is, therefore, a worthy cause to gain insights on the matter to allow for proper debates, criticism, and appreciation.

Korazy poster collections will open one’s eyes to a broad new scope of learning. The knowledge which is abundant in this regard can serve the individual in many ways.


The programs and workshops held at Korazy contribute immensely to the personal growth of people who have to see the animations. Our workshops are highly intensive and help to widen the intellectual landscape. During these events, we hold different lectures on the evolution and development of South Korea and, of course, its animation industry. The workshops feature experienced personalities who can alternate from topic to topic on South Korean animation.


Touring through our collection at Korazy is an enriching experience. The tours are directed at educating people on previously obscure things. The tours give detailed insight into what the animation industry in South Korea is like, painting the picture of its growth and development over the years. Also, the tour hosts some of the most notable people whose actions have influenced the sector that we now have today. 

This part is important as it details the achievements that have created defining moments in our animation movie sector history. To make learning even further, we will also explore Koreans’ reactions over the ages to animation. People, adults and young ones alike, can find something that excites them in the midst of all these.

What Learning Does


Learning challenges the individual to think in new ways and get around bias. Learning is a fun experience due to the brand new perspective; it offers a person after every period of interaction with knowledge. Having derived some new knowledge, remembering it, and sharpening one’s mental faculties is another hurdle that we must consistently cross.

Share Ideas

The learning offered helps people to interact with each other. There is a transmission of thoughts from different ends in this interaction, and everyone leaves knowing that something new has been learned from the person standing next to them. 

Gain Inspiration

Sites such as ours are great places for acquiring inspiration. Creatives can get their groundbreaking ideas going when they look at works done by other people. The foundation for a new item has just been laid in the person’s mind, and all that is left to be done is development and completion. Therefore, in our little way, Korazy adds value to like minds who are seeking inventive methods of expressing an art or solving a problem. 

Young People

Learning is integral to the growth of young people. When done early, it shapes their worldview into something remarkable and development-focused. Learning will raise the minds of youngsters and endow them with skills and knowledge to grow the world.