Korazy Interviews

Korazy routinely conducts interviews with remarkable people in the animation industry. Here, we ask questions concerning the intricacies of the sector and how it keeps evolving. 


The people we interview are of a very interesting selection. We go as far back in time as is required to get the full picture of animation movie development. We understand that the industry is not what it is today by chance but by activities that have occurred steadily through time, each one making its mark and leaving a legacy.

At the centre of these legacies are the people who make them. Thus, we interview people who have made an impact on the industry. 

Similarly, we also shuffle between the timelines. While pioneers of change in the industry are recognised at our interviews, we balance this by interacting with the industry’s current influences. These are young people who have fresh ideas on what to do next. There is also the boundless energy you often find where people have many new thoughts running through their heads at once.


While considering the next person to interview, we put the individual’s speciality at the top of our criteria. Although there is usually a robust, all-encompassing perspective, we understand that people will want to know more specific details.

This is why we dig into the industry ourselves to find people of such note. They are the ones who provide technical insights on various obscure parts of animation making. The technicalities are broken into the language of everyday use, so everyone derives value.


Our interviews are a highly engaging sort. Interesting topics on art and animation are discussed, making it an appropriate channel to observe different views. Korazy investigates trends with vigour, unearthing interesting details. 

As part of the engagement, we also bring the audience into the equation. We interact with other people and spark debates concerning the topic at hand. This helps to gain a feel of what the mood is like and encourage others to share their opinions and participate actively.

Meet Favourites 

Like every other sector, the animation industry has a huge clutter for people who are avid followers. In South Korea, the animation is loved among elders and children. The elders are attached to animation because it gives them a sense of what it was like watching something similar several years back. As for kids, it certainly is an entertaining activity.

Korazy, therefore, includes in its selection people who are industry favourites. These stars of the sector form part of our efforts to keep the audience entertained and happy. Surely, excitement cannot be helped when an animation celebrity is in the interview chair.


Interview questions are as unravelling as you get them. The questioning style is unique for the answers we can draw. We don’t ask to have an ordinary reply but a full eye-opening discourse on what has spurred what within the industry. We are experts at this and aim to give the best experience to our attentive and curious audience.