Our Events

Projecting South Korean animation requires that gatherings come together to express different shades of creativity. Events become a bonding moment for people of like minds. One of the most interesting events at Korazy is the Korazy Arts Exhibition.

The exhibition features a diverse range of creative projects by different people interested in South Korean animation. They present these works for people to examine and bask in. The exhibition’s idea focuses on telling the story that each person wants to be known about through animations. 

The contents of these projects are rich in their depth and the different natures of the persons that made them. Below are some of the vital benefits that the exhibition offers animators. 


An art exhibition is an excellent place to network and meet people who share similar views. Attendance at such an event is usually very diverse and cuts across different societal spheres. Displaying one’s work as an exhibitor or critic of art grants access to a web of connections that one may not have previously considered. This can facilitate possible growth for an individual’s craft.

Similarly, the exhibition allows people to witness new dimensions of storytelling through animations in a way that has not been done before. Often, the substance is not found in mainstream spaces; you can enhance this search by seeking out less-known points of convergence where amazing works will be put on display for all to see and admire.

In addition to this, the avenue for debate and criticism is spurred further. Creating art implies that it will not resonate with everyone else as it has done with the creator. For different persons, the animations will mean something deeper or, at the very least, inspire some soul-searching on the unknown horizons of art that are yet to be explored. Thus, the exhibition is a way to ignite the development and contribute to the growing conversations around animation.

Furthermore, the exhibition is targeted at the source of all the creative works that we will display: South Korea. The exhibition aims to bring together people from different locations to witness the dynamism of Korean animation. It also makes for the propagation of Korean history to the wider world. This way, we are provoking artistic discussion while also spreading the talents of South Korean animation artists. 

However, underlining all these is the pandemic that has now gone ravaging the world like a storm. COVID-19 has gone about crippling businesses and generally making the time a very hard one to live in. In that wise, this event is organised to be COVID-19 safe to help protect visitors.

We will implement social distancing measures, and testing is enforced. The event will also occur so that there is a verification of places where the person has last been. The intent is to substantially lower the risk of spread and make the event more comfortable for people to visit. Health is our utmost priority.