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Getting to Know Us

Welcome to Korazy Art Exhibit

At the core of our existence is the promotion of art. However, we are not just committed to the promotion of any form of art. We are committed to the promotion of animations.

Our History 

Our history is traceable to Alex Powell. He was a tax collector in 1999 with the Australian Taxation Office as his employer. However, he grew bored with this is life and decided to explore new things at the age of 31. For whatever reasons he had, his decision to leave the Australian Taxation Office’s employment and his subsequent exploration of South Korean culture gave rise to our emergence. 

When Alex decided to leave his employment at the Australian Taxation Office, he set off to South Korea, where he planned to enjoy a short teaching stint. However, reality had something different planned for him. Rather than begin his teaching stint, Alex soon found himself working as an extra content creator and voice actor in Korean TV dramas. At this time, though, they were b-grade dramas.

Soon he found himself acting in various historian soaps that attracted more respect. He even found himself in cheap Korean films, where he took speaking roles. In this journey, he came across a couple of toy collectors – Korean – who wrote on ancient Korean toys and hired them out for movie production. 

This caught his interest, and he found himself immersed in the world of Korean toys. He amassed quite a number of them and sold them to collectors outside South Korea. It was in this journey that Alex also stumbled upon a Korean animated movie poster. This was an antique that offered insight into Korean animation art.

This collection was largely unknown in the west, and Alex spent his time accumulating these posters. It is this accumulation that created the gallery exhibition. Alex was so convinced of this art that he devoted his time to acquire at least the posters made for every animated Korean series or film. While this was loads of hard work, Alex devoted himself to it and achieved a great result.

Today, this poster collection includes well over 100 posters from various animated series created in Australia. Even today, Alex and his team continue to search for other elusive posters of various animated series that seem elusive. He believes that there are definitely more posters out there waiting to be discovered, and he must unravel their mystery.

What We Offer

Thanks to our impressive collection of posters, today, we offer the most impressive animated art exhibition. Our exhibition is unrivalled and allows artists and fans of Korean animation to dive back into the past and enjoy the art that characterised various periods.

Our exhibition is open through various events designed to spur interest in Korean animated series. We are committed to achieving all these.